Bakuchiol 30 ml concentrated serum

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Aroma-Zone product in 30 ml format

Bakuchiol concentrated serum

Both anti-aging and anti-imperfections, this serum benefits from a high concentration of bakuchiol, a revolutionary active recognized as the effective and non-irritating vegetable alternative to retinol. Antioxidant, regenerating and collagen booster, this natural active extract from Babchi seeds helps maintain the firmness of the skin, smooths fine lines and reduces brown spots. It also improves the state of acne -tendency skins which it regulates, repairs and purifies without attacking them.
Formulated on the basis of olive squalane, this serum penetrates easily without leaving a fatty film. It is used pure or embellished with essential oils and other assets to personalize it.

Inci and ingredients: Squlane (plant, derived from olive oil), Bakuchiol (vegetable active ingredient extract from seedsPSORALA Corylifolia).

PropertiesAnti-agingPromotes cell renewal, restore radiance and vitality to the skin,HASttured wrinkles,Stimulates collagen synthesisMitigates brown spots andand improves the state ofskins marked by the sun.
Improves acne skin brake the hyperkeratinization of oily skindecreases the oxidation of sebum lipids, fighting againstBlack dots (comedons). Soothes inflammation linked to the process of pimples and Averted brown marks (hyperpigmentation) left after healing of imperfections

Dosage : this product can be used pure

Use pure or personalized with other active ingredients and essential oilsSuitable for your skin, your needs or your desires.



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