Provitamin B5 Liquid

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

Incentive : DL-Panthenol (50% DL Penthenol, 50% water)

Size : 50 ml, 100 ml or 250 mlSize wholesaler : 1L and 4L

Properties : Moisturizer, restorative and soothing properties for skin. It is strengthening and embellishing for hair.

Indications : Products for skin and hair care.

Uses : 0.1 to 0.5% in shampoo to help hair retain humidity and protect it from elements (wind, dry, cold weather). Between 2% to 5% in creams to help dry skin damaged to keep their hydration and better repair.

Recipe : Capillary lotion, 120 ml

3 ml of provitamin B5
5 ml of phytokeratin
40 ml of nettle hydrosol: tonic
22 ml of hydrosol of Mallow : for sweetness
50 ml of Neroli hydrosol: for the shine
(hydrosols can vary)

Recipe #2 : Bar shampoo for dry hair, 12 bars of 113 g

993 g sodium coconut sulfate
145 g Water
73 g shea butter
145 g coconut oil
50 ml Basil essential oils
25 ml Provitamin B5

Put gloves, mask and protective glasses.

Melt the sodium coconut sulfate with the water. Mix by crushing the preparation against the wall of the pan to form a sticky and homogeneous paste. Tip: Use a potato pestle!

Always over low heat, add the Shea butter and coconut oil Then mix.

Remove from the heat, then add essential oil and provitamin B5. Take the time to mix well until complete homogeneity.

This recipe is not recommended for children, sodium coconut sulfate that can be irritating to the eyes.


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