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Propolis organic Quebec 10 g

Product Description
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Size : 10 g

Propolis is a product of the hive, collected by bees from certain plants. Its name, taken from the ancient Greek, means "entry into a city" and refers to the reduction of the entrance to the hive with propolis to protect the colony. It is indeed a resin that bees, which harvest it for its therapeutic properties, use as mortar (for the clogging of cracks, waterproofing against humidity, etc.), but also as anti-infectious To clean up the hive (protects the interior of the cells before the queen's laying, smooth the walls of the hive, is used to mummify intruding and dead animals like mice, too large to be evacuated). They make it from their secretions and a series of resinous, gumm and balsamic substances. The main species producing propolis are conifers and buds of several leafy species, more particularly poplars. The worker carries this resin on his legs, just like pollen, and bring them to Masones. Propolis consists of resins and balms (50 to 55%), wax (30 to 40%), volatile and essential oils (5 to 10%), pollen (5%) and various materials (5 %) like organic acids, flavonoids, trace elements and vitamins. Our propolis is freely harvested by bees in an untreated hive (certified Quebec apiary organic by Quebec True). Brown, solid and sticky resin which can become viscous around 20 degrees C, then becomes hard and brittle with cold and time.

Inci: Propolis Cera

Properties : Antibiotic used among other things to treat disorders of the respiratory system, antiseptic, healing, antifungal.

Use : We can make it a Alcool extract To add it more easily to the products or make it macerate in fats or make a paste. Propolis can also be used as such (you can chew it).

Applications: Alcool extract, Creams and lotions, masks and scrubs, ointments and ointments, toothpaste and rinses.

Recipe : Bouche rinse against gingivitis / 250 ml

150 ml Alcool extract propolis
100 ml Alcool extract from Savoyane

Mix the mother taints and double in our 250 ml bottle, then label. Garbish your mouth morning and evening.

Manufacturing of propolis dyeing (ratio of 1: 8): Place 50 g of gross propolis in a jar 500 ml mason (jar In glass for canneds), then add 400 ml of alcohol 50 % (buy alcohol 94 % and lower its concentration with spring water). Close then let it macerate one to two months by stirring from time to time. Filter with a cheese cotton, double in our amber bottle 500 ml (or in our 50 and 100 ml amber bottles) and label.

See our specialized courses to understand the manufacture of therapeutic products.

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