Iron oxide

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

Size : 25 g or 100 g

Our pigmentsmineralsLike micas and oxides are cosmetic grade. These pigments, formerly from the earth, are inorganic, synthetic and keep themselves indefinitely. As its name suggests, this product, originally, is the natural oxide of iron. Given the contamination of heavy metal soils and the exorbitant price of natural mineral pigments, we have chosen to make an exception and sell this synthetic product. Synthetic powder is identical to natural powder, which is very difficult to find, and has the advantage of not containing heavy metals. Black, brown, red, orange or yellow in color, this powder is odorless.

Inci: Iron Oxide

Red: 77491

Properties : Dye

Origin : United States

Use : This product can be added as it is to makeup. To color the soaps, we recommend that you dilute oxides in a little oil or vegetable glycerin. Start with very small quantities, because oxides color a lot and can color the water (which does not matter in itself, but can be surprising). We recommend wearing the mask and gloves for handling these powders. For external use only. Concentration: 0.1 to 20 %.

Applications: Makeup, soaps, bath bombs

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