Micas Red / pink

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

Size : 25 g or 100 g

Mineral pigments from the earth, inorganic and cosmetic grade. Micas are minerals from the family of silicates. Latin micaress Means "shine", "sparkle". Only they are colorless, but combined with oxides and titanium dioxide, they take different colors.Note that the micas with names starting with "satin" or "pearl" are basic micas whose color mentioned in 2nd part of the name comes out when applied to the skin.

Inci: Mica, dioxide titanium, Iron oxide

Properties : Micas have the property of thinking about light and providing a pearly effect on the skin. In makeup, they offer a long -term port while being light and pleasant on the skin.

Use : This product can be added as such to makeup or emulsions. To color the soaps, we recommend that you dilute the micas in a little oil or vegetable glycerin. We recommend wearing the mask and gloves. For external use only. Concentration: 0.1 to 20%.

Applications: Makeup, creams and lotions, soaps, bath bombs.

Their provenances

Germany :Bordeaux red, bay red, winter pink, pink apple

UNITED STATES :Sorbet pink, valentine pink, soft coral pink, tibet red, fuchsia

China : Red Jack, Calliopée

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