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Luffa crushed in 50 g bags, exfoliating for creams and soaps for example.

Full luffa: the whole "squash", dried and flattened. Just wet it so that it finds its shape.

This long cylindrical sponge that is Luffa is in fact the result of a fruit from the cucurbitaceous family, the family of cucumbers. Once mature, the fruit is harvested, dried, peeled and then emptied to become this fibrous product so much prized for the bath. Must be kept away from humidity and light.

Inci: Luffa Cylindrica

Properties : Sweet exfoliant.

Use : Cut Luffa rings to create bath sponges or add them to solid soaps. To do this, moisten the luffa by placing it in the water to make it soft and malleable, cut rings according to the desired size, then let them dry again before using them. Add the crushed luffa as such to the product you want to make exfoliating. Average concentration: 5%. We advise to add a natural preservative.

Applications: Exfoliating for the face and body, soaps.

Recipe :

Rich body exfoliant

Fruity soap at Luffa / 100 g
90 g basic soap "melt and for" transparent
2 g yellow green chrome oxide
2 g red iron oxide
3 ml soft orange petrol
2 ml lemon petrol
Melt the "Melt and" transparent "soap over low heat, then pour it into equal parts in two cups to measure. In the first, add the red iron oxide and the orange essence, then in the 2nd yellow iron oxide and lemon essence. In a 100 g mold, place a luffa washer. Pour the first cup to measure in full, then pour the 2nd over it. The two will slightly mix. Let harden 24 hours, unmold and that's it!




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