Soy lecithin

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Inci: Soy Lecithin

Size : 100 ml, 240 ml or 480 ml

Soya lecithin is found in most living cells. It is rich in vitamins of the B complex and antioxidants. Thick and sticky brown fluid. Conservation: a year and more.

Properties : Discount, moisturizing, softening, co-emulsifier (with beeswax). Ideal for very dry and dehydrated skin. Serves as co-emulsifying in emulsions.

Use : Is used as such. Concentration: 1 to 10 %soluble in oil

Applications: Creams and lotions, ointments, lip products, shampoos.

Recipe : Cold Cream For mature skin, tired or devitalized / 1 l
30 g Oléic calean extract from Calendula
6 g Soy lecithine
15 g shea butter
9 g beeswax
20 g rose hydrosol
1 g honey
10 g aloe gel
4 g Vegetable glycerin

Heat the first four ingredients over low heat. In a 2e Papon, heat all the rest over low heat. Bring the oily phase to 70 degrees C and the aqueous phase at 50 degrees C, then add the water to the fats by stirring with an electric mixer for at least 10 minutes. BUT TO A jar Masson (jar In glass for canned) of 1 l, label and keep cool. Serve if necessary and add essential oils to choose from.

See our workshop online on The manufacture of 'Cold Cream' in beeswaxTo learn how to make your own body creams.

To deepen your knowledge on the subject, the course Cream manufacturing - Advanced level will complete your training in the field.


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