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Not to be confused with theCarrier oil Ricin, sulphate castor oil, sometimes called sulfonated castor oil or "Turkey Red Oil", is a water-soluble oil, that is to say that it dissolves completely in water. This makes it an ingredient of choice to make "micellar waters" or to enrich your shower and oil shampoos formulas. It also makes it possible to disperse essential oils and other vegetable oils in water; It is therefore very useful for formulating bath oils.

Incentive : Sulfated Castor Oil


  • Water -soluble oil : dissolves in water
  • Emollient: brings a richer to formulas of foaming products and cleaners
  • Dispersing of the essential oils in water (baths, lotions ...)
  • Dispersing of the vegetal oils in water(baths, lotions ...)
  • Dispersing of the Cosmetic fragrances oily in water(baths, lotions ...)
  • Surfactant : to make products with a light cleaning power (makeup remover, lotion ...)
  • Little foaming power: adapted to the dispersion of essential oils in "whirlpool" baths

Dosage: From 1 to 4% in micellar waters and cleansing lotions, from 0.2 to 3% in foaming products and from 1 to 90% in bath oils.

To well disperse the vegetable oils in the water, you can mix a part of sulphated castor oil with a share ofCarrier oil Choice of choice, but you will get better results with 3 parts of sulphate castor oil for a part ofCarrier oil. Note that the dispersion are milky and can eventually separate, just brew again before the application.

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Recipe : Relaxing bath oil

Mix 80 ml of sulphate castor oil with 20 ml ofMacerated oil chamomile and 12 ml of lavender essential oil. Shake and bottle in one of our 120 ml bottles with pouring cap. Add about 25 ml to bath water.

Wear gloves and glasses when handling this product. Do not apply pure to the skin. Do not swallow.

Sulfating is the fact of attaching one or more sulfate groups to a molecule, which is easily done with the ricinoleic acid contained in castor oil. Sulfate is an anionic group (negatively loaded) hydrophilic (which has a good affinity for water).

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