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Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

Formats : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1L and 4 L

Cosmetic grade Camelina Oil Category B or C (less refined than food grade)

Conservation : Stable oil, keeps at room temperature.
Quality : Refined oil,cold pressed

Part :Seeds

Country : Canada / Quebec

INCI : Camelina Sativa Oil

Properties : Softening And softening, it brings elasticity to the skin.Soothing, it calms the skin irritated and protects sensitive skin. Thanks to his dry, it penetrates quickly and very easily into the skin, without leaving a fatty film. His activity regenerating And restorative coupled with its richness in Vitamin E and in phytosterols (antioxidants) fight against wrinkles and signs of skin aging.Illuminator, it offers the skin a real shine.

To know...

This oil comes from sustainable agriculture, no insecticide, fungicide or seed treatment is used in camera fields. It could happen, according to the seasons, that herbicides are used, if the presence of bad herbs hinders the yield. The lack of competitiveness in the face of other plants is the biggest defect in the Cameline.

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Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet


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