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Laurel berries - Carrier oil 100 ml

Product Description
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100 ml: pAroma-Zone Rod

This powerful and aromatic oil, with purifying and restructuring properties, is used to prepare care for imperfection skins and dandruff leathers. It is also the essential oil to make your "Aleppo" soaps.

IncentiveLaurus nobilis oil

Native country : Turkey

Skin properties :

  • Sanitizing, it purifies the skin
  • Disincrusting and astringent
  • Refreshingand invigorating
  • Emolliente and nourishing, sheFalls the skinand protects it from drying out
  • Soothing andrestorative
  • Antioxidant
  • Rich in lauric acid, it brings aGood foaming powerto soaps made in cold saponification

Hair Properties

  • Help to Fight against dandruff
  • Purifies and soothing irritated and damaged hair leathers

Complete aroma-zone sheet

Add to your basket a Vaporizer 24-410for facilitating its pure use.

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