Glucoside lauryl

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Sizes : 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg and 4 kg
Bulk size : 18 kg *overweight costs apply for delivery. A period of 1-2 to weeks is to be expected. 

Tensioactive of extremely soft plant origin adapted to formulas intended for sensitive skin and children. White, solid and sticky paste. This surfactant is Composed of glucoside lauryl (50 to 60%) and water (40 to 50%). Thick liquid, pasty and disorder, light yellow and odorless, obtained from fatty alcohols from coconut oil and glucose from corn. Keeps at room temperature away from humidity and light. Close the container well after each use.

INCI : Glucoside lauryl

Comparative table of surfactants

Properties : Tensioactive, gentle detergent, viscosant, biodegradable agent, soluble in water. As it foams little, it is recommended to use it with other foaming surfactants. Excellent to thicken the formulas.

Uses: Shower gels, liquid soaps, shampoos, foaming baths, face cleansing gels, hands, intimate hygiene. Baby cleansing gels.

Use : Heat slightly to liquefy the product before mixing it in the aqueous phase. Adjust the pH if necessary usingLactic acid or a solution ofcitric acid (measure the pH using PH papers, add an acidifying product in small quantities, test again and add the acidifying product if necessary). Attention! As its pH is basic, it is recommended to test the pH of your products and adjust it if necessary. Do not apply pure to the skin, avoid contact with the eyes, do not swallow.

Concentration: From 2 to 35% of the total weight of your recipe.


Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet (English)


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