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Mullen -Hydro -glycerinian extract -40%

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Use, consume or formulate before February 2023

Leaves Mullen Fresh macerated in a mixture of vegetable glycerin and spring water.

Inci: Glycerin, aqua, verbascum thapsus extract

Properties : Emolliente. Indicated for sensitive skin. Used to blonde the already pale hair.

Use : Creams, lotions, cleaning milks, exfoliating, masks, scrubs, gels, serums, soaps.

Recipe : Shampoo for blond hair / 1 l
250 g Cocoa butter
250 g coconut butter
105 g koh
190 g Water
350 g Hydro-Glyceized Extract-Beautical of Mullen
In a saucepan, heat the fat over low heat. In a jar In resistant plastic, add the caustic potash to water, outside, taking care to wear gloves a mask and protective glasses (available here). Bring the two phases to around 60 degrees C (check using our thermometer), then add the caustic solution to melted fats while stirring using our red electric mixette (so that the whole family knows that the mixette Red is used exclusively to make soap). Let the soapy dough rest for 2 weeks in the refrigerator (beware this paste is caustic, do not leave within the reach of children, it will neutralize after 2 weeks). Then add the dilution water, the extract of Mullen. Cut into our bottle 1 L with pouring cap and label. This soap enhances the natural blond reflections of your hair while moisturizing it.
* See our specialized courses to understand the manufacture of soaps.



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