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Designed by the German company Evonikfrom Dr Straetmans, specialists in healthy natural conservatives for you and for the environment.

Description : Certified natural preservative without synthetic and versatile preservatives, from sugar of non -ripe juice of beet.

Inci: Pentylene Glycol

Aspect : Clear and odorless liquid, dermocaustics and irritating. *

Solubility : Soluble in water.

Concentration : 1% to 5%. The more your formula contains water, the more we suggest putting it in large quantity. However, you should not exceed 5%. We suggest putting less in formulas intended for facial care (more sensitive skin). Reduce the quantity so combined with another preservative.

Never apply pure to the skin.

Although this product is natural, it is very powerful (the preservatives manage bacteria and mold, they are often irritating in its pure or too large quantities). It is essential to respect the recommended dosages. You should also wear gloves and glasses when handling. Once integrated into a formula, no concern to have.

pH: Youpi! This preservative works with any pH!

Attention, If you calculate the pH of your product, it is possible that it changes with the addition of this preservative. Do not panic, the pH will return to normal after about 2 hours.

Properties : Curator, antimicrobial, moisture (unlike most conservatives, he is not drying, nor allergen elsewhere).

Use : For all your formulas containing an aqueous phase, including emulsions (E/H and H/E), formulas based on surfactants and aqueous formulas. Add at the end of the formulation and stir up well.

Note that water -free formulas do not require a preservative, on the other hand, it will be advantageous to use an antioxidant (like vitamin E, antioxidant oil which slows down fat, but which is not a preservative).

The duration of the conversation : It is a whole challenge to provide the conservation time of a product! It depends on several factors, mainly on the aqueous bodies used and their proportion in the formula. On average, we plan a conservation of two years and more for formulas based on surfactants (gels and liquid soaps), from one and a half to two years for emulsions and aqueous formulas such as serums and cosmetic gels With stable aqueous phase.

*Soluble in water*

We recommend avoiding infusions and favoring aloe gel (already contains a preservative), distilled water and hydrosols. According to chemists, the latter are not stable, but we are herbalists :) And we love hydrosols, which can keep a good year or more (rather stable for water). With hydrosols in the aqueous phase, an emulsion H/E keeps, thanks to the dermasoft Pentiol Eco, about two years, WoW!

WARNING : Hold out of the reach of children. /Do not swallow or inhale and avoid contact with the eyes. /Respect the recommended dosage. / Always do an allergy test on the forearm (finished product test).

Analysis certificate and specifications

Certificate of Analalysis & Specificaton Sheet(English)


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