Glucoside decyl (polyglucosis)

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

Size: 250 ml, 500ml, 1L or 4L.

Size wholesaler : 20 L *Obling costs of $ 20 apply for this product, a 1-2-week deadline is to be expected.

Non -ion mild surfactant composed of glucoses (sugars) derived from the starch of corn and fatty alcohols derived from coconut butter. Soluble in water. PH: 11-12: Wear gloves when manipulating (there is no more danger once integrated into a formula provided that the recommended concentration). Light liquid golden, viscous and odorless.

Inci: Polyglucoside decyl

Comparative table of surfactants

Properties : Sweet surfactant, stabilizes the foam, moisturizing, revitalizing.

Concentration: 2 to 50%.

Applications: Cleaning milks, shaving foams, shower gels, shampoos and revitalizing, baby hygiene products, foaming baths, soaps.


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