Cranberry seeds organic

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

The price of products from cranberry tripled in 2021-2022 due to bad harvests.

Size : 100 g, 500 g or 1 kg

Small red seeds organic.

Inci: Macrocarpon vaccinium (Cranberry) Seeds

Origin : Canada and/or United States

Properties : Exfoliating, antioxidant.

Use : We advise you to reduce cranberry seeds using a coffee mill before adding them to the product you want to make exfoliating. Average concentration : 5%.

We advise to add a natural preservative such as the Dermasoft Pentiol Eco, the Geogard Ultraor the Potassium sorbateWhen you have an aqueous phase in your formula. Otherwise, use Elderberry extract For formulas that only contain oils.

Applications: Exfoliating for the face and body, soaps.

Certificate of Analysis & Safety Data Sheet(English)

Recipe : Sweet exfoliant for the face / 30 ml
25 g Neutral basic cream
1 Cranberry seed knife tip
4 drops cedar essential oil
5 drops of verbena essential oil
Simply add the cranberry seeds and essential oils of cedar and verbena with neutral basic cream to transform the latter into a soft exfoliant for the face. Run in our jar 30 ml and label. Use once a week.


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