Amla organic-powder

Product Description
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Common name : Indian currant


Part : Fruits organic

Country : Indies

Size : 100 g or 454 g (1lb)

Properties : She facilitates coloring Hair for dark colors : It allows better adhesion of coloring powders, like indigo, hair. In the form of a mask, it prevents hair loss, illuminates the complexion and purifies the skin. She isuseful in toothpaste (Tones the teeth, clean the mouth and soothes the gums that bleed).

Powder toothpaste recipe(about 50 ml)

  • Gum arabic 12 g
  • Bentonite clay 10 g
  • Licorice powder 4 g
  • Amla 2 g powder
  • Essential oil of your choice, peppermint, gaulthery, cloves, teaier or natural flavor (melon, reason, banana), 2 to 5 drops


* Add coconut butter to create a compact dough

* Use the calcium-magnet powder instead of the Bentonite clay for a lighter and more mineralizing tooth.

1. Transfer all ingredients in a mortar or a bowl.
2. Mix with a pestle or a fork to obtain a powder. homogeneous. You can also pass the powder to the sieve.
3. Transfer the preparation to a jar In amber glass.

Precautionary : External use only.

Plant powders' uses: In capsules, in food, in smoothie, in pastilles and energy balls, then externally (cosmetics, ointments, poultices). Unless exceptional, plant powders are not soluble in water, although several molecules they contain. For better results, it is preferable to extract these molecules in water, alcohol or in oil (certain molecules are fat -soluble). For more information, the Schools Flowers offers an introductory workshop and an à la carte course on the manufacture of therapeutic products.

We advise to consult a health professional before using medicinal plants, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under medication.

Information on this website has not been assessed by Health Canada and does not replace the opinion of a health professional. She is only informative.


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