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Containing for compact powders 58 mm - 40 %

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Silver containers for compact powders, 58 mm

Round containers and silver in color for dye bottoms and play with compact powders. Included the round metal palette in which the powders are pressed.

The 58 mm round model has a mirror and includes a sponge with a ribbon.

To keep the metal palette, use a sticky adhesive tape on its two surfaces.

You must press the powders (very specific recipe taught in The natural makeup course) Manually. Be notified! It is a long work that requires patience and time. You have to press a layer at a time and have the right liquid mixture to slightly moisten the powders (it can be a mixture of jojoba oil, alcohol and vegetable glycerin for example). Compact powders also require a mixture of basic powders (rice powder, white clay, zinc oxide, magnesium powder ...) to allow pressing, socket with the brush and adhesion to the skin.

Please note: let the powders completely dry before inserting the metal pallets into the containers.

We clean up the plastic! This product will be discontinuous once. Thank you for your understanding.

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