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Soy wax

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Inci:Hydrogenated Soybean Oil (NatureWax C-3)

Size : 1 kg or 2.5 kg

Size wholesaler : 22.68 kg = 50 lb ***Overweight costs $ 20 per box for delivery *** 2-3 SEM delivery time.

Natural soy wax (does not contain oil, paraffin, pesticide, herbicide, toxic products or genetically modified material) for the manufacture of container candles, including massage candles. Security wax for children, it burns with lower heat and does not stain.

For the candles to be unmolded, we advise to add a touch of stearic acid (approximately 5%) to harden it and thus facilitate disbursement. Not suitable for rigid molds and with a lot of small details.

Use : Melt before using. Fusion point: 44 ° C. To avoid burning your essential oils, do not increase the temperature too much and check on the Internet the flash points of your essential oils (differ a lot from one Cie to another but will give you a little idea). If the lightning point of the HE is lower than the temperature of your melted wax, you will lose the smell.

Applications: Candles, massage candles.

Recipe : Massage candle / 4 6 ounce candles
4 ounces soy wax
4 ounces cocoa butter
4 ounces avocado oil
5 ounces shea butter
8 ml Basil essential oils
8 ml Ylang Ylang essential oil
12 ml soft orange petrol
Make sure your scale is in ounces and not in G, otherwise make the conversions. Weigh all the fats as well as the soy wax and melt them over low heat. Once all liquefied, add the essential oils and brew with a whisk. Place your wicks in your 6 ounce containers, pour the liquid into the 4 containers, then center the wicks if necessary. Let harden, close the containers and label. To use, turn on the wick and wait for a little liquid to form around. Pour this hot liquid directly into your hands or on the part of the body to massage.
* Use in the evening only to avoid the photosensitizing effects of soft orange essence.


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