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Size : 100 g, 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg

Cera Bellina wax is a hydrophilic derivative (which has an affinity with water) of natural beeswax in which free fatty acids have been converted into polyglycerols. The elimination of free fatty acid features in beeswax improves the gelification and retention capacity. This wax produces stable and smooth gels when formulated with a Carrier oil. In an emulsion, it acts as a co-emulsifier and a suspension agent.

Incentive: Polyglyceyl-3 Beeswax


Dosage :  

  • Solid lip balm or cosmetics 1 - 20%
  • Emulsion 1 - 2%
  • Oil gelling agent 1 - 29% (see note below)

Properties: Co-emulsifier, suspension agent, disperses the pigments, giant and thickening ofCarrier oil Or mineral, gives softness and a satin touch to the skin.

Use: Lip balm, cream & lotion, frosty oil, oily serum, solid cosmetics.

Combined with shea butter, it will have the effect of preventing the formation of small fatty alcohol granules from forming this, in a lip balm formula for example. It will also be interesting in the solar bar formulation to promote the suspension of zinc oxide.

The % of the CERA Bellina wax required to make an oil to sparge can vary to

Some examples:

  • 8% avocado oil
  • Ricin oil 6.5%
  • 9% sweet almond oil
  • Olive oil 9.1%
  • Jojoba oil 2.3%

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