Cranberry (juice)- Powder

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Latin name : Macrocarpon vaccinium

Part : Fruit juice

Amount : 100 g or 454 g (1lb)

*Soluble in water*

Properties : Known for its cleaning effect on urinary system, it is used in prevention of urinary tract infections. Cranberry is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, making it a powerful anti-aging active ingredient and a purifier for the skin. Powder is water -soluble, it can color soaps, makeup, etc.

Youth serum recipe (inspired by Aroma Zone)

Bottle 50 ml Airless

  • Aloe gel - 40 ml (80%)
  • Rose hydrosol - 6 ml (12%)
  • Argan Oil - 4 ml (8%)
  • Cranberry powder - 1 g (2%)
  • Essential oil to choose from (optional) - 6 to 12 drops (0.5% to 1%) *Mix all the ingredients together and put in the bottle. *Brass before each use. *If you add essential oils, mix them beforehand in argan oil. You could add vitamin E for its antioxidant properties.

 Plant powders' uses: In capsules, in food, in smoothie, in pastilles and energy balls, then externally (cosmetics, ointments, poultices). Unless exceptional, plant powders are not soluble in water, although several molecules they contain. For better results, it is preferable to extract these molecules in water, alcohol or in oil (certain molecules are fat -soluble). For more information, the Schools Flowers offers an introductory workshop and an à la carte course on the manufacture of therapeutic products.

We advise to consult a health professional before using medicinal plants, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under medication.

Information on this website has not been assessed by Health Canada and does not replace the opinion of a health professional. She is only informative.


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