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Exceptional anti-aging and antioxidant active, vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of collagen, protects the cells from the damage caused by free radicals and unifies the complexion. We offer it in a stabilized form, to guarantee constant activity in your formulas. It is ideal in the formulation of anti-aging care and lightening care, "shine of the complexion" and anti-tache ...


Properties : Antioxidant, improves the appearance of mature skin by promoting elasticity (stimulates the production of collagen) and treating hyperpigmentation including old age spots.

Use :Skin care products

Concentration : 0.2 to 5 %.

PH recommended 6.5 to 7: stabilized vitamin C tends to increase pH. Requires control and often adjusting the pH

Please note: it is not recommended to combine it with sodium benzoate. Studies have demonstrated the formation of benzene, a carcinogen, but they did not relate to cosmetics.

Applications: Creams and lotions, sunscreen and after -sun products, shampoos, makeup.

Recipe : Anti-aging cream / 500 ml
275 g aloe gel
100 g rose hydrosol
25 g Vegetable glycerin
35 g Vegetable emulsifying wax
50 g Barbary fig seed oil
2.5 g hyaluronic acid

5 g vitamin C powder
A pinch of potassium sorbate
50 Benzoin dye drops
10 drops of basil essential oil
10 drops of carrot essential oil
10 drops of lavender essential oil
70 drops Hospit's essential oil
5 vitamin E drops

Heat the first two ingredients over low heat. In a 2nd saucepan, heat everything else over low heat. Add the potassium sorbate and hyaluronic acid to the aqueous phase and brew vigorously. Bring the two phases to about 40 degrees C then add the water to the fats, stirring with an electric mixer for 2-3 minutes. Add the Benzoin dye, essential oils and vitamin E. Back in a jar Masson (jar In glass for canned) 500 ml, label and keep cool. Fill a small jar if needed.
* See our specialized courses to understand the manufacture of emulsions.


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