Lipstick 6 cavities mold - Ask for a submission

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Metal lipstick mold, allowing to flow 6 identical lipsticks with the bevel tip. Is dismantled and assembles easily. Hand cleaning with hot water and soft soap.

Assemble all the pieces. Apply a small touch of oil, ideally split coconut oil inside each hole. Pour your liquid preparation into the mold and wait a few hours (or place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes), until the lipsticks are hard. Gently remove the top part. Take your containers with lipsticks (make sure you have the right format) and put them delicately on the lipsticks. Slowly, pull the containers to remove the lipstick. Wipe the excess oil if necessary and that's it!

Compatible with the 12.1 mm red lip tubes

Black lip tube

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