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Margousier (Neem) - Oil organic

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Unrefined margousier oil (oil neem) organic

Margousier oil is a dark green oil pulling on the brown, of thick and pasty texture, with intense aromas of onions.

Inci: Azadirachta Indicaoil

Conservation : Stable oil, keeps at room temperature.

Quality : Unrefined oil

Part : Seeds

Origin : India

Properties : moisturizer, insect repulsive (without danger for mammals).

Indications : Problem skins (acne), hair and nails care. Anti-mosquito lotion.

Particularity : This product can harden in the cold, simply place the bottle near a heat source to liquefy it.

Recipe : Anti-mosquito lotion / 100 ml

15 ml lemon eucalyptus essential oil

5 ml Geranium Bourbon essential oil

4 ml Black spruce essential oil

4 ml essential lavender essential oil

2 ml Teaier essential oil

30 ml Jojoba oil

30 ml Margousier oil

Measures the essential oils using a graduated cylinder then add them to the oils. Brass everything well. Condition in our 120 ml COSMO bottle with the pouring cap. Apply in small quantities directly to the skin by rubbing to penetrate.


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