Flower souls offer you Divine essence essential oils, a Quebec company working in the field since 1994 and offering a range of various products and Biological certified by Écocert Canada

The certification organic Essential oils is an important proof of quality in the field of distillation. Without certification organic, it is impossible to know if the essential oil is 100 % authentic and free from pesticides and herbicides. Organic essential oils have better therapeutic properties, as the plant must produce more to defend itself. In addition, organic essential oils are safer because they do not contain chemicals capable of causing, among other things, allergic reactions. Beware of non-certified essential oils sold at low prices. Essential oils have a cost. Unfortunately, an too low price can be synonymous with poor quality.

The information contained in this section can in no case replace medical advice. We strongly recommend that you avoid autodiagnosis and consult a health professional such as an accredited therapist herbalist or a qualified aromatherapist for effective and safe treatment.

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