Finally 100 % natural and certified organic fragrances and flavors!

These fragrances are Biological, vegan, gluten -free and allergen certified. They can be used to flavor soaps, candles, shampoos, lotions, massage products or any other product that allows them to be added to fats. These fragrances and flavors are made from organic and natural aromatic extracts. Soluble in fats.

What is a fragrance or a natural flavor organic ?
The fragrance and natural flavor are mixtures of natural and organic aromatic extracts in sunflower oil organic. The recipes are generally patented by the manufacturer, so the recipe remains secret.

What is the difference between a flavor and a fragrance?
The flavor is used to give taste in your confections. It can also be used to flavor your products. The fragrance is used only to flavor your products.

Are the flavors edible?
No, they are flavors for making cosmetics.

What percentage should we put in our confections?
- Body product: 1 % to 5 %
- lip balm: 2 % to 8 %
- Candle: 5 % to 10 %
- soap: 5 % to 12 %

Results of tests for the smell of our fragrances and flavors in Naoh soaps with deodorized coconut oil and sunflower oil (70% strong smell). Concentration: 12% of the weight of the soapy dough.

Banana: Very low, almost non -existent aroma (we do not recommend in Naoh soaps)

Blueberry: pronounced aroma

Cherry: pronounced aroma

Chaï: pronounced aroma

Leaf goat: soft aroma but there*

Chocolate: pronounced aroma (aroma of bitter and not sweet dark chocolate)

Lemon: pronounced aroma

Cucumber and green tea: pronounced aroma (some love it, others are shared)

Strawberry: sweet aroma but there*

Raspberry: pronounced aroma

Litchi: Sweet aroma but there*

Lilas: pronounced aroma

Mango : sweet aroma but there* (smells the sweet fruit, but not necessarily the Mango according to some)

Melon: pronounced aroma

Honey: sweet aroma but there*

Coconut: sweet aroma but there*

Orange: Do not feel anything (we do not recommend in Naoh soaps)

Pear: sweet aroma but there*

Apple: soft aroma but there*

Grape: Sweet aroma but there*

Rose: Sweet aroma but there*

Vanilla: pronounced aroma

French vanilla: pronounced aroma

* We could put more, to taste.

As the quantities are large and these fragrances and flavors are extracts in oil, they could be counted as a burning.

Allergies: It is always better to test the product before making more use.

Natural fragrances & flavors

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