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Demystifying the flash point of essential oils in a candle

Demystifying the flash point of essential oils in a candle
We are often asked about the danger of flavouring candles with essential oils. This is not the first time. Let's try to make it clear!
You can put essential oils in your candles, safe. The question was asked by Robert Tisserand: No danger.
A candle is not going to fire because of an essential oil. Believe me, if that were the case, the video of burning candles would be legion online. This is not the case, because the candles do not fire because of the essential oils. The essential oils are found in small amounts in the candle (around 5 %) and are scattered in the wax (soya, sunflower ...).
The only reason to worry about the lightning points (which differ greatly from one company to another for the same essential oil) is for the smell (and to avoid wastage). If you add an essential oil in a hotter wax that is warmer than its flash point, you burn it and you don't smell. Sometimes the new manufacturers of natural candles are disappointed, they find that it doesn't feel strong enough. This can be explained by lightning points and temperatures. Note that there are few essential oils with a flash point of less than 40 degrees C and the soy wax, for example, begins to melt around 50 degrees C (no need to take it to a temperature of 80 degrees C).
Do your little research for flash points.
Beyond the temperatures, let us remember that it is natural, that there are no synthetic products harmful to fix perfumes. If you want this to be strong, use a diffuser or a nebulizer 😉 On this, make your candles with your essential oils without fear.
Good manufacturing!

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  • Marie-Christine Vallières